PT. Senshido Beautyana Semesta was founded in February 1999, Jln. Bandengan Utara No A34, Kav. 81 No. A11-A12, Penjaringan, North Jakarta.

PT. Senshido Beautyana Semesta as the Official Distributor of Cosmetic Products of the brand “TULL JYE ”.Being new to the cosmetics industry at the time, SBS collaborated with PT. Gernetindo Raya to strengthen its position in the market share.

In October 2010, PT. Senshido Beautyana Semesta and PT. Gernetindo Raya merged to form PT. Citra Lestari Sempurna, as the official importer and distributor of TULL JYE products in Indonesia


Why TULL JYE is in Indonesia?

The diversity of Indonesian skin colours is amazing. Some people have a white skin colour, but some others also fascinate with Sawo Skin (Indonesian Skin Tone. Mostly like Tanned Skin). These skin differences are influenced by parts of the body called Melanin. 

Melanin is a pigment coloring on the skin, hair and eyes. It's the pigment that makes those parts of the body look darker. Melanin is formed by cells called melanocytes. 

By observing this condition, TULL JYE has the formulation by suppressing the increasing amount of melanin so that the skin does not get darker and reduces the appearance of flecks or dark spot, by protecting the skin from exposure to sunlight (UV). TULL JYE was introduced in Indonesia as The Pioneer of Day and Night Cream. 

Initially, TULL JYE‘s packaging was still using glass. The Glass Packaging is known as First Generation.

Now we are in the Ninth Generation after several design and packaging changes to avoid counterfeiting by irresponsible parties.


Vision & Mission


Being one of the skincare and cosmetic brand that can constantly beautify and boost the confidence of Indonesian women. Ensuring the skin of Indonesian women is radiant, lymphatic, gorgeous, and healthy.


  • Provide the best experience from generation to generation as a reliable and quality product.
  • Maintains product consistency with natural components, ensuring that it is safe and comfortable to use.

  • Providing quality service to the customer.

  • Maintaining excellence in the field of dermatology to be able to provide products that fit customer needs.

  • Showcase with the most excellent quality products



TULL JYE Cosmetic is a safe and competitive cosmetic product with trusted and certified expertise in the field of Skin Care in creating cosmetics. 

Our products are not only both nationally and internationally certified, however, they are also manufactured on modern scientific machines by proficient people. As a result, creating a high-quality product is not impossible.

We always follow procedures designed to meet those goals in order to produce products that are high quality and nearly faultless. Such as:

  • Regular maintenance of production machines.

  • Working process with good safety & health standards.

  • Waste management process by implementing ZERO Waste.

  • Strict Quality Control process.

Outing with Team

PT. Citra Lestari Sempurna organises outing events in various regions on an annual basis as a form of solidarity among work partners and teams in order to foster a family sense among fellow employees.

2017 Outing Belitung

2018 Outing Bromo


2022 Outing Bali